Ship Registration in Mauritius

Mauritius has long been a strategic port of call for vessels travelling and transiting this route and further. Our harbour is located in Port Louis and it is considered as an important port in the region given its modern infrastructural facilities. Further,, our legal framework prevailing the shipping industry is regarded as being attractive for directing shipping activities and registration.

The Government of Mauritius is constantly implementing additional plans to expand facilities at the port.. The aim is to build one of the most modern port in the region for the next 10 years. Many businesses chose Mauritius mainly because the island offers attractive fiscal incentive.

Advantages of Ship Registration in Mauritius

Mauritius is a member of the International Maritim Organisation (IMO).

Bunkering, storage, consumables and spare parts are exempted from customs and excise duties. All personnel working onboard are exempt from income tax. Capital gains tax are exempt upon sale or transfer of a ship or transfer of shares in a shipping company.

Setting up of a company in a global business sector attracts tax planning advantages.  The laws of Mauritius have been under review for the prevention of pollution, training, certification of sea farers as part of the International Convention on Marine Safety.

Mauritius offers a low income tax rate and benefits from double taxation treaties.

Eligibility To Register A Mauritian Vessel

  • Citizens of Mauritius or company registered in Mauritius
  • Companies holding a GBC 1 or 2 if the objects are limited to the registering of ships under the Mauritian flag and that the shipping activities are carried out exclusively outside Mauritius.
  • All types of sea vessels are eligible but these must also satisfy the following:
  1. Age – not more than 15 years from date of construction.
  2. They must maintain class with one of the approved classification Societies by the Director of Shipping who will issue a Mauritius tonnage certificate.
  3. A third party liability insurance must be produced with certificate that confirms compliance with International Maritim Convention to which Mauritius has agreements.

Get in touch with us to learn more about Ship Registration as well as the fees required.


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