Mauritius, the best filming destination!

Mauritius has  one of the most wonderful and unique resorts in the world with 330 km of sandy beaches, blue lagoons, waterfalls, green valleys, indigenous forests, luxuriant fauna and flora, volcanic mountain ranges, stable political environment, historical heritage and a rich multicultural population. It is indeed one of the most beautiful island destination in the world and with its panoramic view, the island is with no doubt very appealing and attractive for Hollywood and Bollywood Film makers.

In 2013, the Mauritius Film Rebate Scheme has been introduced by the Board of Investment (BOI), in collaboration with the Mauritius Film Development Corporation (MFDC), to both local and international filmmakers. The introduction of such scheme is to stimulate the interest of filmmakers and inspire them to shoot in Mauritius. It offers a 30% and 40% cash rebate on Qualifying Production Expenditures (QPE) and it applies to a wide variety of projects from feature films to television dramas, and from documentaries to commercials.

The Mauritian QPE package comprises of:

  • Travel To Mauritius
  • Accommodation In Mauritius
  • Rental Of Production Equipment
  • Production Services company fees
  • Post-Production Services (picture and sound)
  • Cast And Crew
  • Labour
  • Ground transport and facility vehicle services Labour costs including non-nationals
  • Catering services
  • Professional services (such as insurance, legal and accounting services)

The Mauritius Film Rebate Scheme is eligible for the project types mentioned below:

  • Creative Documentary
  • Digital Animated Film
  • Feature Film
  • Television Serial
  • Television Single Dramas
  • Factual Television Programs
  • Natural History Programs
  • Lifestyle And Magazine Programs For Television
  • Commercials

However, there is a minimum costs that a production company must incur in Mauritius in order to be eligible for the rebate scheme.

This rebate is calculated on the amount of expenditure incurred in Mauritius, which is payable after completion of the film. The repayment is made available within 30 days after satisfactory receipt is issued by the Mauritius Board of Investments (BOI) along with all the necessary documents showing the QPE’s incurred.

However, the scheme is mainly formulated for domestic film production companies registered in Mauritius, with 100% foreign ownership. At present, around 50 films had been shot in Mauritius.

The picturesque places of Mauritius have often been seen in foreign movies like Bollywood movies.  It all started with the first Bollywood film “Souten” which was featured by Rajesh Khanna, in 1983. And since then, Mauritius has become the most desired shooting destination for Bollywood movies. Some of the most famous Bollywood movies that has been shot in Mauritius are:

  1. Kuch Kuch Hota Hai
  2. Mujse Shadi Karoge
  3. Garam Masala
  4. Hello Brother

Moreover, the Board of Investment has recently approved its first big-budget Hollywood movie entitled “Serenity”. This film will feature Hollywood stars, Matthew Mc conaughey, Anne Hathaway and Uma Thurman, where all of them are Oscar nominated actors and winners.  Greg Shapiro is the producer of “Serenity” and the shooting is starting in July 2017.

It takes just three days to get a filming permit from the Mauritius Film Development Corporation and the permit is free of charge. Also, the local casting possibilities provide a wide range of interesting appearances with different mixtures of European, African, Chinese and Indian, where most of them speak French, English and Hindi.

Regarding the entry requirement, only a valid passport or an internationally recognized travel document and a valid return or onward ticket is required to enter in Mauritius. Film Producers from Western Europe, North America and most commonwealth countries such as South Africa do not require visas when coming Mauritius. Film makers do not also need work permits but only a letter of authorization from the relevant authorities must be produced.

For additional information on shooting in Mauritius, please get in touch with us.


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